Often asked: How To Draw A Realistic Rose Step By Step?

How to Draw a Rose

Roses are popular flowers that are often used as a symbol of love; however, because they are made up of many layers of petals, they are difficult to draw. Follow this realistic rose drawing tutorial on our Envato Tuts YouTube channel.

What You Will Need

You’ll need a hard pencil (HB), a medium soft pencil (2B or slightly lower), and a soft pencil (5B or lower), as well as a sheet of paper and a pencil sharpener. Do you have everything you’ll need? If so, let’s get started on our rose pencil drawing.

Step 1

For maximum detail, use very light lines and no bright colors.

Step 3

1. Begin by drawing small petals inside the rose, then outside the flower.

Step 4

Draw an outline of the other petals and close those petals into a heart shape.

Step 6

Another heart has been added to the bud of your rose flower drawing.

Step 7

Draw the heart shape in your rose sketch once more, but this time make it less regular and more open; if you lead the lines connecting it to the bud correctly, they will create a depth effect.

Step 8

On this level of your simple rose drawing, we’ll need one more petal, which will have a more complicated perspective, so pay attention:

Step 9

In the rose flower drawing, we’ll need to place the bud inside a “cup” of petals, which we’ll make out of small petals first… then larger ones.

Step 10

In your realistic rose drawing, the remaining petals should bend down more and more.

Step 11

When you’re finished, apply more pressure to the lines you want to see more clearly to bring out the final shape.

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Step 12

Shade the inner parts of the rose flower drawing with a softer pencil, drawing lightly at first… then pressing harder to achieve a darker shade.

Step 13

Use the same pencil to lightly stress some of the petals’ edges, but don’t go overboard!

Step 14

Return to a hard pencil and add a subtle texture to the illuminated areas; the darker your rose, the darker you can go in this area.

Step 15

Finish shading your simple rose drawing with the softest pencil, putting it in the darkest crevices.


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How do you draw a easy rose step by step?


  1. Draw the large right petal.
  2. Add the left petal behind the right.
  3. Draw the tops of two more petals.
  4. Draw the stem below the petals.
  5. Start the left leaves with the stem.
  6. Draw the leaves at each end.

What does a dead red rose mean?

The dying red rose tattoo represents fading love or love that is no longer strong, while the falling petals represent a relationship’s fading health. Someone who has had their heart broken may get this tattoo to represent their pain.

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