How To Draw Trees In The Distance?

How to Draw Distant Foliage With Pen and Ink

Different techniques evoke different feelings and can be used appropriately when drawing distant foliage. Drawing Distant Foliage, Technique 1: In this method, open loops are used to draw tops of distant foliage. Such loops provide the feeling of open airy feel needed for foliage.

Layered Distant Foliage:

Drawing foliage is similar to drawing a bush, but on a smaller scale; layered shapes are added, and their size decreases with distance; if you don’t feel comfortable drawing parallel lines, you can use the ‘leaf stroke’ discussed in the drawing foliage tutorial instead.

Drawing Distant Foliage, Technique 2:

To create distant ‘tree’ foliage, draw and shade wirerigly lines depicting the top of a distant tree line using vertical parallel lines. Make the bottom slightly darker as the top receives Sun and is brighter. Layers of distant foliage can be created using this method as shown below.

Near by Wooded Area:

Making the trees relatively bigger moves the foliage/wooded area even closer. The following is an example where the foliage/wooded area is perceived to be closer due to the larger size of the trees.

Templates & Workbooks:

To practice drawing close-up objects like leaves and flowers, click here to download a PDF with templates and finished drawings.


My YouTube channel has video demonstrations of the techniques discussed above; feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Practice often and have fun.

What are the four shading techniques?

Smooth, cross hatching, “slinky,” which can also be called hatching (I think slinky is more fun), and stippling are the four main shading techniques I’ll demonstrate.

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What is the art of quickly drawing pictures that don’t have many details?

A sketch is a quick drawing with few details that is often used by artists as a preliminary to a more detailed painting or drawing.

How do you show distance in art?

To show distance, artists use overlapping. For example, in a landscape painting, trees may appear to be in front of others and vary in size to show distance. Another technique used to show distance and size is diminishing scale, which makes larger objects appear closer to the viewer.

How do you draw a good landscape?

Believe me when I say that this simple beginning technique changes everything.

  1. Step 1: Begin with the focal point. Figure out what your focal point will be and draw it first.
  2. Step 2: Simplify the scene as you go. Look at the landscape with an editor’s eye as you draw.
  3. Step 3: Begin shading and adding details.

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