How To Draw Flowers In A Vase Step By Step?

How to Draw Flowers in a Vase

We know that many amateur artists enjoy drawing various types of flowers, so we decided to make another lesson on the subject for you, this time showing you how to do it with a watercolour artist’s drawing software.

Step 2

We went with a classic vase, but you can go with any other style.

Step 3

Then, as flowers are pricked, draw leaves that come out of the vase.

Step 4

We show you how to erase all guidelines and unnecessary strokes in this week’s drawing lesson, and we also recommend that you check out our other drawing lessons and follow us on social media for the latest installment.

How do you draw a simple vase?

Create a Vase

  1. To begin, draw the major lines that will serve as the foundation for the entire vase.
  2. The contour of the vase. Draw these lines with a ruler.
  3. Continue working on the vase’s outline.
  4. Pattern on the vase.
  5. Connect the edges of the pattern.
  6. Coloring your vase.

How do you draw a rose thorn?

To make a thorn, draw two lines to form a triangle, with the base of the triangle forming part of the stem. Each triangle should slant upwards, and you should draw three thorns on each side of the stem.

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