How To Draw A Unicorn Dragon?

How to Draw a Dragon Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

This drawing tutorial will show you how to draw a dragon step by step for kids and beginners. Dragons are imaginative animals that have been used in mythological stories throughout history in various cultures. Drawing a dragon is simple and interesting because it is completely imaginative. They can resemble snakes, lions, or Pokemon.

How to Draw a Dragon

Steps 1u20137: Draw the outline for the dragon’s head, eyes, mouth, pupil, teeth, and ears; Step 8: Draw spikes on the dragon’s back and tail; Step 9: erase all extra lines, and follow the image below to get a clear and exact image.

How to draw unicorn dragon step by step:

Step 2: Draw a curvy line from the neckline to the tail end. Step 3: Draw two curvy parallel lines for the foreleg. Step 4: Extend the inner line of the foreleg and draw a hind leg.

Step 6: Extend the inner line up to the outer line to form the tail. Step 7: Draw fringes for the spike above the head and legs for the right side. Step 8: Draw the wing from below the neck.

Few more step by step dragon drawing:

As a mythical and completely imaginatory animal, you can draw dragon in a variety of ways; you can use your imagination and creativity to the fullest. For more drawing tutorials on how to draw dragon, see How to Draw Flame, Gun, Rainbow, and Mouse.

How old is Raya a Raya and The Last Dragon?

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