How To Draw A Treble Clef?

How do you draw F clef?

How To Draw A Bass Clef in Four Easy Steps

  • Step One: Start with a dot on the fourth line.
  • Step Two: Curve up and touch the top line.
  • Step Three: Curve downward, finishing on or just under the second line.
  • Step Four: Draw two dots in the spaces above and below the fourth line of the staff.

How do you draw music symbols?

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What note does the treble clef start on?

Each line of the staff represents a specific pitch. Starting from the bottom of the treble clef staff, the lines represent E, G, B, D and F. The treble clef is sometimes called the ‘G clef,’ because the treble clef symbol circles around the line G. The letters always remain in this order, which makes it easy to use.

What does treble clef look like?

The treble clef is also known as a G clef because it looks like a fancy G. The treble clef circles the second line of the musical staff to tell you that it is G. All other notes fall on the other lines and spaces accordingly.