How To Draw A Hexagon?

How do you make a 6 inch hexagon?

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What are the angles of a hexagon?

A hexagon has six sides and six corresponding angles. Each angle is 120 degrees and the sum of the angles is 720 degrees.

How do you construct a regular hexagon in a circle?

Explanation of method

As can be seen in Definition of a Hexagon, each side of a regular hexagon is equal to the distance from the center to any vertex. This construction simply sets the compass width to that radius, and then steps that length off around the circle to create the six vertices of the hexagon.

How do you construct a regular hexagon with a compass?

Constructing a Regular Hexagon

Draw enough of the circle to see where it crosses the original circle, and mark the point of intersection. Next, place the compass on this new point and repeat this process to obtain a third point. Keep doing this until you have six points. Connect them to obtain the hexagon.

What’s an octagon look like?

An octagon is a shape that has eight sides, which gives it eight angles. An octagon can also be called a polygon because it has straight sides and is a flat shape, not a 3-D shape like a ball. If any of the sides are curved or the ends don’t quite meet each other, it’s not an octagon!

What shape is a pentagon?

In geometry, a pentagon (from the Greek πέντε pente and γωνία gonia, meaning five and angle) is any five-sided polygon or 5-gon. The sum of the internal angles in a simple pentagon is 540°. A pentagon may be simple or self-intersecting.