FAQ: How To Illustrate A Book If You Can T Draw?

How to Illustrate a Children’s Book When You Can’t Draw

I can’t draw worth a damn; my father was an incredible artist, and I would have expected at least the ability to draw a symmetrical circle from him, but nope; so, unlike you, I now believe a book can be illustrated without drawing.

Ways to Illustrate a Children’s Book

Using PowerPoint and Canva to illustrate your children’s book can be a great way to go.

PowerPoint Outlines

You can easily trace/outline real photos with PowerPoint, and then fill in the details with different colors and details. This could work because most people already have PowerPoint, and thus won’t need to do anything extra to get started.

3. Select Freeform Tool

If you’re looking for the freeform shape tool, go to shapes and click the dropdown caret to see all of the available shapes in a variety of sizes and colors, allowing you to essentially create your own shapes.

4. Trace the Photo

You can trace your photo and have it illustrated with the Freeform tool; each click you make creates a shape, so for now, I’m going to start at Madden’s head and work my way around her body until I get back to my starting point.

5. Trace the Details

You can be as creative as you want with facial expressions, coloring, and so on, and you can spend as much time as you want on this step. If it feels like it’s taking too long, consider how long it would take if I were illustrating the story.


Have you considered Fiverr for illustration help? There are a lot of talented illustrators on the platform, and as a children’s book ghostwriter, I know there are people looking for (and probably receiving) illustration help. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have, and best of luck!

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Can you be an illustrator if you can’t draw?

Yes, there are many illustrators who create wonderful work without drawing; Fred Otnes and Melissa Grimes are just two of many who are best known for combining found imagery to create original works, but that’s not to say they can’t draw.

How can I illustrate my own book?

Here’s how to illustrate your first picture book, whether you’re working on your own or someone else’s:

  1. Look for stylistic inspiration.
  2. Pay attention to character development.
  3. Start with a storyboard.
  4. Get feedback.
  5. Organize the final artwork and text.

What program should I use to illustrate a book?

Adobe Illustrator is the best vector drawing software in the world, making it ideal for book illustrations and other drawing projects.

Can I study graphic design if I can’t draw?

According to Kandra Churchwell, a designer at Phases Design Studio, u201cWhile you don’t have to be a Picasso or Monet, you do need to understand the basics of design, all of which can be learned.u201d

Is an illustration a drawing?

An illustration is a graphical representation of a visualization or depiction created by an artist, such as a drawing, sketch, painting, photograph, or other type of image of things seen, remembered, or imagined.

What does illustration mean in a book?

Illustration is defined as: a picture or drawing in a book, magazine, or other publication; an example or story used to make something easier to understand; the act or process of producing or providing pictures for a book, magazine, or other publication.

How much do you pay an illustrator for a children’s book?

Bestselling author Joanna Penn estimates that the average pay for a 32-page picture book is $3,000 to $12,000, equating to anywhere between $150 and $600 per illustration for a 32-page book with 20 illustrations, while publishing expert Anthony Puttee estimates a slightly lower standard rate of around $120 per illustration.

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How much should I charge to illustrate a children’s book?

There are many different ways to price a book in the industry, so it’s difficult to give an exact figure. However, to account for all possibilities, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1000 to $10.000 for a book, depending on the number of pages, the illustrator’s experience, and any other special requirements you may have.

Why can’t I draw anything good?

Reason 1 u2013 You Need More Practice This is probably the most common reason why people struggle with drawing: they simply need more practice. Drawing is a skill, and you can’t expect to improve without practicing it.

Why do I suck at drawing?

You Care What Others Think When we look at other people’s drawings, we often wish we had their talent or ability to draw. Too many people say they’re bad at drawing, and hearing that so often tricks our minds into believing we’re bad, too.

Why can’t I draw circles?

“The circle is one of the most difficult shapes to control,” said Natalia Dounskaia, an Arizona State University kinesiology professor, “because the brain doesn’t have enough resources to focus on movement corrections and do cognitive tasks at the same time.”

How can I make a book online for free?

Using Venngage’s eBook creator, you can create your own eBook:

  1. Sign up for Venngage for free.
  2. Write your eBook content and then select a template that best suits your manuscript.
  3. Customize your eBook cover, add or remove pages, and edit page layouts.
  4. Customize the fonts, colors, images, and charts in your eBook template.
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How do I scan a book illustration?

If you don’t have a high-definition scanner, look for one in an office supply store. When scanning your art, make sure the scanner is set to 300dpi (or tell the clerk to set it to 300dpi).

What is a good app for drawing?

Beginner-friendly drawing apps u2014

  • Procreate.
  • Adobe Photoshop Sketch.
  • Adobe Illustrator Draw.
  • Adobe Fresco.
  • Inspire Pro.
  • Pixelmator Pro.
  • Assembly.
  • Autodesk Sketchbook.
  • A

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