FAQ: How To Hit A Draw With Irons?

Sean Foley: How to Hit a Draw

TrackMan developed a “golf radar” that can measure any part of a golf swing and the resulting ball flight. Increasing the club’s loft makes it harder to hit a draw.

How do you hit a draw every time?

Summary of How to Hit a Draw:

  1. Re-grip.
  2. Swing Along the Line of Your Body.
  3. Finish Strong.
  4. Swing Smooth.
  5. Swing Shallow on Drives.
  6. Visualize a Draw.
  7. Align Yourself to the Right.
  8. Re-align Your Club Face to Face Your Actual Target.

How do you hit a draw with golf clubs?

(Easier Version) of the Golf Draw Method

  1. Aim your feet, hips, and shoulders further to the right than the club face (this will, in effect, give the club face a closed position in relation to the swing path, imparting draw spin on the golf ball).

Why can’t I hit a draw?

The last and perhaps most common reason you can’t hit a draw is that you have an over-the-top swing path. If you’re swinging over-the-top (on an out-to-in path), you won’t be able to hit a draw because your shot will start to the left of your target line.

Is it better to hit a draw or fade?

“A draw and fade will carry and roll the same distance if the ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate are all the same, but most club golfers will hit a draw further than a fade because they reduce the loft, which leads to lower spin rates.

Why am I hitting a draw?

The technical make-up of the golf shot, which requires attacking the golf ball from the inside with the club face open to the target and closed to the swing path, is one of the reasons why golf pros favor the draw shot.

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Why am I hitting a draw with irons?

A poor ball position is the most common cause of a consistent pull; because you are swinging the club around your body, it stands to reason that if the ball is forward in your stance, the face will be slightly closed at impact.

Can you hit a fade with a strong grip?

It is difficult to hit a fade with a strong grip, but it is possible; however, if your natural grip is stronger, you should stick to hitting a draw.

Does hitting a draw add distance?

The first is that hitting a draw, especially with your driver, can add 5-15 yards of distance depending on the speed of the fairways; if the fairways are rock hard, as they are at the British Open, roll out could be even further!

How do I stop aiming right in golf?

This 4-step pre-shot routine will help you improve your aim.

  1. STAND BACK FROM THE BALL AND VISUALIZE A LINE that is perpendicular to your target line and parallel to the ball.

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