FAQ: How To Draw Snow On The Ground?

Create a Winter Wonderland With These 4 Simple Ways to Draw Snow

You can capture this winter wonderland with a blank sheet of paper and your favorite drawing tool; even the most inconspicuous object can transform it into a work of art, if only for a brief moment.

1. Draw Your Structures

The key to drawing snow is to use a variety of shading techniques; don’t worry about the shape of the objects’ bottoms; they’ll be obscured by snow in the next step.

2. Add the Snow

Redraw the roof with curved lines, adding mounds of snow on the chimney and small mounds on the windows. For the trees, use your pencil to detail foliage peeking through in a few spots, using the original roof lines as a guide.

3. Make More Details

You can keep your snowy scene simple or add a few more details. Deepen the shading on the tree foliage in a few spots where the greenery peeks out from beneath the snow, and don’t make all of the falling snowflakes the same size.

Bonus: How to Draw Footprints in the Snow

Draw prints that are similar in size and shape to the human or animal’s feet, but with different colors and textures, on about half of the print to make it more realistic.

What can I use to paint snow?

Detailed instructions

  1. Fill a container (a spray bottle or a squirt bottle) with water.
  2. Add a few drops of food coloring to the water and mix.
  3. Go outside and spray or squirt the colored water on the snow to make a masterpiece!

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