FAQ: How To Draw Lord Of The Rings?

How to draw Legolas

Drawing For All is back, and this time we’re continuing the fantasy theme by showing you how to draw Legolas.

Step 1

Draw the head in the shape of a normal oval, then sketch out the symmetry lines of the face. Finally, sketch out the spine, arms, and legs, keeping the lines light and smooth.

Step 2

Draw an elf’s head in the shape of a circle, then the body in the shape of a cylinder, with the neck, trunk, arms, and legs drawn as elongated cylinders, shoulders as circles, knees as circles, and hands as circles.

Step 4

Erase all unnecessary guidelines from the face and make the lines of the face clean. Draw out the eyes with pupils inside; erase all unnecessary guidelines from the face; and make the lines of the face clean.

Step 5

In this step, we’ll finish drawing the face by drawing the hair with short lines, sharpening the ear as shown, and adding lines inside the ear.

Step 6

Draw Legolas’ arm, bracer, and fist, which will be used to draw the bow in the future. Carefully draw out Legolas’ forearm. Draw out the suit and all the necessary fabric folds for Legolas to wear.

Step 7

With your thumb and forefinger, draw out the back arm of the middle finger, and then the other hand and arrow in the same position.

Step 8

Draw the visible part of the torso and some folds, a quiver with arrows folded in it on the back, and the bow using very smooth lines.

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Step 9

This step appears to be difficult, but it is not. First, draw out the clothes that hang from the belt, then draw tight pants and add wrinkles as shown in our example, and finally, draw out the boots with folds in the ankle area.

Step 10

Here we will add realistic shadows to our Legolas. First, draw the outlines of the shadows with very light lines. Then, using very light hatching, add shadows inside the outlines.

What is Sauron eye?

The Eye of Sauron is the image most often associated with Sauron in J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. HR 4796A, “Sauron’s Eye,” is a star system with a bright dust ring whose alignment resembles the theatrical eye, and is thus nicknamed.

What wood is Gandalf’s staff made from?

Gandalf the White wielded a rough ash wood staff that was most likely white in color.

How do you draw the Hobbit step by step?

What is the best way to draw a hobbit?

  1. Mark off the character’s width and height.
  2. Draw the hobbit’s body, neck, and sticks.
  3. Add guidelines for the hobbit’s arms, legs, and head.
  4. Outline the character’s arms and legs.
  5. Draw the character’s feet and clothes.

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