FAQ: How To Draw A Realistic Octopus Step By Step?

How to Draw an Octopus Step by Step

How do you draw an octopus? I’ll show you how to start with a pencil sketch and then walk you through the step-by-step process of drawing with ink liners, including how to use dots and combine artistic techniques.

Step 1

I draw a slightly curved core line to aid us in marking the figure’s position.

Step 2

I’ve foreshortened the shape of an octopus’s body in this image so that one side of the animal’s head is more clearly visible to the viewer.

Step 3

I only mark the arms that are visible in the foreground to keep the process as simple as possible. An octopus has eight arms that can be divided into four pairs; we’ll add the hidden arms later.

Step 4

I draw the eyes, which are large, enclosed in a capsule, and have a slit-shaped pupil with two different colors – blue, green, and yellow – to represent the human eye’s color.

Step 5

1. I draw the fold of the aperture at the side of the head, 2. The eyes are directed towards the Christ’s face’s center.

Step 2

We’ll focus on drawing the suckers (round elements that cover the interior surfaces of the arms) in the next step because foreshortening determines how much of the interior surface we see.

Step 3

The suckers can be placed in a parallel or staggered order, depending on the species; the suckers get smaller as they get closer to the end of the limb, so just mark the smallest ones without details.

Step 6

In the final image, I draw the outer surface of the third pair of tentacles’ tentacles, as in the previous examples, and then add the inner surface and suckers, as in the second pair of appendices.

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Step 8

I added the fourth arm pair for your reference. Use your imagination and artistic flair to find the best direction for these arms. I applied light pencil hatching to the inner parts of the limbs just for your reference.

Step 9

I draw the suckers with an eraser as a final addition to this pencil sketch, making sure that all unnecessary pencil lines are removed before moving on to any other artistic tools. The sketch is then ready for inking by hand.

Step 1

Let’s try some warm-up exercises and practice making dots on the paper before we begin inking our octopus drawing. Dotwork (also known as stippling) is a great artistic technique; it’s a perfect choice for creating beautiful textures.

Step 2

The 0.2 ink liner is a great tool to use for this type of exercise because it influences the accuracy of the individual dots within the line.

Step 3

Create a sample on graph paper with an increasing density of ink dots using the 0.2 ink liner; the goal of the next exercise is to make a value gradation by adding and subtracting different levels of ink in a particular color or pattern.

What color is an octopus?

Octopuses can change their color to gray, brown, pink, blue, or green to blend in with their surroundings, or to communicate with other octopuses. Octopuses are solitary creatures who live alone in dens made of rocks that the octopus moves into place with its powerful arms.

How do you draw an octopus for beginners?


  1. Start with the head shape.
  2. Add two outside legs.
  3. Draw a third leg in the middle.
  4. Draw two legs in the space on the right.
  5. Add another leg in the space on the left.
  6. Draw two more legs in the background.
  7. Erase line, add eyes and bumps on head.
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Can an octopus paint?

When you think of an octopus, you might think of eight legs, terrifying Kraken tall tales, or painting. Fiona the Octopus has many talents, including painting, puzzles, and playing with her favorite toy, Mr. Potato-head.

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