FAQ: How To Draw A Penguin Step By Step Easy?

Draw an Easy Penguin

When kindergartners and first-graders are learning to draw, keep the shapes simple, such as “draw an upside down U” or “make a large J.” One helpful tip: fold the paper twice to get the center guidelines shown with dashed lines.


Trace and color the penguin with crayons. Add ice around the penguin. Draw the water and the sun.

More Cute Animal Drawing Projects

How to Draw a Bear with a Scarf and a Bird with a Bird’s Eye View of the World are two examples of cute drawings.

How do you draw a penguin step by step?


  1. Start with the head.
  2. Continue with the back line.
  3. Draw the side curve.
  4. Draw the belly and flipper.
  5. Add the eye and beak.
  6. Draw two feet.
  7. Add ice around the penguin.

Can penguins live in Africa?

African penguins, like other penguins, spend the majority of their days feeding in the ocean, which helps keep them cool. Their land habitat can get quite hot, but bare skin on their legs and around their eyes helps them stay cool.

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