FAQ: How To Draw A Manga Girl Step By Step?

How to Draw a Beautiful Anime Girl Step by Step

This tutorial explains how to draw a beautiful anime girl in 15 steps, with a focus on drawing the face of such a character from the front view. Please note that there may be some overlapping or similar information if you’ve seen other similar tutorials on AnimeOutline.

Step 1 – Draw the Center Guide Line & The Top of the Head

Follow these simple instructions to draw an anime girl head top drawing. The purpose of this line is to act as a guide to ensure that both halves of the head/neck/shoulders are of relatively even width, as well as to help with spacing and positioning the facial features later.

Step 2 – Draw the Bottom of the Head

The result of following a simple formula is a beautiful anime girl head drawing: project two lines downwards and angled towards the center line from the lower half of the circle, which should then transition into curves and then go on even sharper angles to finally join at the curve of the chin.

Step 3 – Draw the Neck/Shoulders

A slender and long neck will help to emphasize a beautiful character. For more information on drawing anime necks, see How to Draw Anime Neck by How To Draw An Anime Neck.

Step 4 – Position the Eyes Horizontally

Beautiful anime girl eyes can be created by placing the eyes above or below the forehead. To position the eyes, divide the head horizontally in half and place the eyes slightly below this halfway point for the “beautiful girl” character. The large forehead will add to the “cuteness.”

Step 5 – Space the Eyes Horizontally & Draw Their Basic Outlines

When spacing the eyes horizontally, leave enough space between them to fit another eye in; at this point, you can simply outline the basic shape of the eyes without drawing all of the smaller details like the eyelashes; the goal is to correctly place all of the facial features first.

Step 6 – Position & Draw the Eyebrows

Draw the eyelashes with thicker and slightly raised inner ends to help give the character a personality. See How to Draw Anime Eyelashes Step by Step for more examples of various types of anime/manga eyelashes.

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Step 7 – Position & Draw the Nose

Draw the nose close to a tiny oval in shape, with the side closer to the center of the face slightly flatter, slightly above the halfway point between the middle of the head and the bottom of the chin.

Step 8 – Position & Draw the Mouth

Make the mouth small with a slight downwards curve; if you draw too much of a curve, the character will have an unhappy expression. 1. Position the mouth so that the bottom lip (not actually drawn) is about halfway between the bottom of the nose and the top of the chin.

Step 9 – Position & Draw the Ears

The ears will be drawn slightly smaller and lower down for this character than for other character types, with the tops slightly below the tops of the eyes and the bottoms slightly below the bottoms of the nose. For more information on drawing ears, see How to Draw Anime and Manga Ears.

Step 10 – Draw the Sides of the Hair

Begin by drawing the “sides” of the hair, which will be two fairly long “clumps” that begin around the top of the head and end with a pair of splits slightly below the shoulders in this case.

Step 11 – Draw the Front of the Hair

Draw the front portion of the hair split down the middle and tucked under the sides of a beautiful anime girl.

Step 12 – Draw the Back/Top of the Hair

Draw the back/top section, which is also split down the middle. The hair should first stick slightly farther up from the head towards the very top, then get a little closer to it near the upper end of the sides of the head, and finally curve away from the head towards the middle/bottom of the head.

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Step 13 – Add the Small Details

After you’ve finished drawing the outlines of the hair and placing all of the facial features, draw all of the small details, which in this case will be: Inner details of the eyes Hair folds Mole/Beauty Mark For a more detailed breakdown of drawing the eyes, see:How to Draw Female Anime Eyes Tutorial

Step 14 – Color the Drawing

Before you start coloring the character, keep in mind that if you’re coloring on paper, you may want to leave some white spots for the highlights in her hair (see next step), whereas if you’re coloring digitally, it’s easier to add the highlights in at the end. For the actual color selection, you have a lot of options. In this case, we’ll go with a light blonde hair color.

Step 15 – Shade & Finish the Drawing

You can add shadows in the most common places for some very basic shading, such as: Tiny shadows around the eyelids Small shadows below the eyelashes (cast by the eyelashes) Very tiny shadow to one side of the nose Fully shaded ears Large shadow on the neck in the shape of the chin (cast by the head) Fully shaded inner part of the hair between the brows


As mentioned at the beginning of the tutorial, female anime characters are usually cute by default, so drawing one that is supposed to be beautiful can be difficult. However, the proportions and facial feature placement in this tutorial can help you draw one that is supposed to be beautiful. The large forehead adds to the u201ccuteness,u201d while the big but slightly narrower (than common in anime) eyes give her a bit of a more regal look.

How do you draw anime manga girls step by step?

Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Beautiful Anime Girl

  1. Step 1: Draw a guide line through the center of the page.

What is a good anime girl name?

Names of Anime Girls

  • Akane (Japanese origin) – the most common meaning of this name is “deep red.”
  • Hana (Japanese origin) – Hana means “flower” in Japanese.
  • Haruka (Japanese origin) – Haruka can mean “distant” or “remote.”
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What is the best anime drawing app?

10 Free Android Anime Drawing Apps

  • How to Draw Anime.
  • Adobe Photoshop.
  • CLIP STUDIO PAINT for manga.
  • MediBang Paint.
  • Best Manga Drawing.
  • DrawShow.
  • Draw Anime: Manga Tutorials.
  • Draw Anime: Manga Tutorials.

How do I draw manga?

So, how do you start making a manga character?

  1. Sketch a Wireframe.
  2. Correct Proportions.
  3. Outline the Shapes to Create a Skin Layer.
  4. Draw Facial Proportions.
  5. Add Clothing, Decoration, and Hair.
  6. Tidy Your Outlines and Ink Your Drawing.
  7. Refine Shading and Color.

How do I make a manga?

How to Create a Manga of Your Own

  1. Write a Story Synopsis. You can’t develop your story until you know where it’s going.
  2. Create Character Profiles. You need to know who your characters are in order to develop your story.
  3. Think First Issue.
  4. Layout Your Storyboard.
  5. Bring It All Together.

Who is the prettiest girl in anime?

The Most Beautiful Female Anime Characters Ever Bishoujo: The Most Beautiful Female Anime Characters Ever

  • Hinata Hyuga: Naruto/Naruto Shippuden.
  • Boa Hancock: One Piece.
  • Kuronuma Sawako: Kimi ni Todoke.
  • Inori Yuzuriha: Guilty Crown.
  • Chitoge Kirisaki: Nisekoi.
  • Inoue Orihime: Bleach.

Who is the cutest anime girl?

Here is a list of the cutest and most beautiful anime girls among the millions of eye-pleasing and adorable female characters.

  • Madoka Kaname.
  • Kotori Minami.
  • Megumi Kato.
  • Mirai Kuryama.
  • Mio Akiyama.
  • Kosaki Onodera.
  • Rika Takanashi.
  • Mayuri Shiina.

Is ibisPaint free?

ibisPaint is a free manga and illustration drawing app.

Is Photoshop good for anime?

Adobe Photoshop is without a doubt one of the best software programs for drawing anime and manga art, thanks to its ease of use, extensive feature set, customizable options, and user-friendly interface.

Is Krita a virus?

We used 15 different antivirus applications to test Krita, and all of the antivirus programs found it to be free of malware, spyware, trojans, worms, and other types of viruses.

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