FAQ: How To Draw A Chicken Step By Step?

How To Draw A Chicken

Learn how to draw a Chicken in 7 simple steps – perfect for kids and novice artists. Click on each step for a High Resolution printable PDF version of the tutorial, and read some interesting facts about the Chicken at the bottom of the page. The images below represent how your finished drawing will look.

How to Draw a Chicken – Step-by-Step Tutorial

Chickens, which are members of the Phasianidae family of birds, which also includes grouse, pheasant, turkey, and partridge, were first domesticated in Europe, Asia, and Africa for cockfighting. Male chickens, known as roosters, have much more colorful feathers than female chickens, known as hens.

How do you draw a chicken leg easy?


  1. Draw an oval first, leaving a gap at the top.
  2. Draw a wavy line at the gap, and then a similar one on the right.
  3. Draw the bone on top of each drumstick.
  4. Draw some details on the chicken drumsticks.
  5. Finally, color them, and the two delectable chicken drumsticks are complete!

How do you dye a chicken?

Squirt a little food coloring into a cup or bowl, then gently brush it onto the chicken’s feathers with your fingers or an old toothbrush, always working in the same direction as the feathers grow. If you’re dyeing the whole chicken, start at the bottom and work your way up.

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