Readers ask: How To Draw Anime Noses Front View?

How to Draw Anime and Manga Noses

Learn how to draw anime and manga noses in various styles from the front, side, and 3/4 views.

Drawing Anime and Manga Noses

The noses in anime and manga are usually small and pointy, with details such as the nostrils rarely drawn at all. For this tutorial, we’ll divide the noses into three main types:. Basic nose drawn with just lines. Nose defined with a shadow. Semi-realistic nose.

Drawing a Basic Anime or Manga Nose

This is the most basic style of anime nose and the most straightforward way to draw one.

Basic Nose Front View Drawing

To place the nose, first divide the head vertically and horizontally in half; for the front view of the most basic nose, simply draw a dot or a dash; depending on how simplistic you want the style to be, you can even draw the nose from the front.

Basic Nose 3/4 View Drawing

You can keep the vertical placement of the nose in the 3/4 view the same as in the front view; you can roughly estimate where this will be by projecting a line down from the forehead to the bottom of the chin, or by drawing only the top curve or even just a dot/dash.

Basic Nose Side View Drawing

Making the actual shape of the nose somewhat like a vertical check mark with a short bottom curve, a pointy tip, and a long upper curve is a common mistake beginners make when drawing the same character from different views. For the side view, keep the vertical placement as described earlier.

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Drawing an Anime or Manga Nose Using Light and Shadow

Depending on the weather and how much hair you have on your face, you can make this completely black or a grey/darker skin tone.

Shaded Nose Front View Drawing

Divide the head in half vertically and horizontally in the front view. Draw the nose shadow to one side of the vertical line, with its horizontal placement between the chin and the halfway point of the face. Shape the shadow like an oval, with the side facing the horizontal line being slightly flatter.

Shaded 3/4 View Drawing

Anime nose shadow drawing: Draw a simple curve for the upper part of the nose and keep the tip pointy; unlike the basic nose example, you can make the upper curve slightly larger and more defined so that it doesn’t get “lost” in the large shaded area.

Shaded Side View Drawing

If you want to create somewhat serious looking artwork while still keeping the anime or manga look, the “Shaded style” of anime/manga noses may be appropriate; it’s also sometimes used when showing closeups of character’s faces or close-ups of their faces.

Drawing a Semi-Realistic Looking Nose

Draw an anime nose that looks realistic or one that looks more traditional, with more curvy lines and more attention to detail, and show the nostrils/nostrils from all angles.

Semi-Realistic Nose Front View Drawing

Draw the nose with its bottom halfway between the horizontal halfway point of the head and the bottom of the chin, and the vertical halfway point to center it on the head. Draw both sides of the top of the nose identically, but only one side with a hint of the bridge.

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Semi-Realistic Nose 3/4 View Drawing

Draw the nose for the 3/4 view by projecting a line from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin, and then drawing the bottom and bridge of the nose with curves similar to the first example but a little longer to define more of the nose’s shape.

Semi-Realistic Nose Side View Drawing

Draw a semi-realistic side view of a human nose, with the tip curving (not pointy) and a hint of a nostril.

Anime Noses Positioning

Please keep in mind that these examples are just general guidelines; there is no single set of rules for drawing noses, so be aware of how you want them to look when drawing an anime nose.


Drawing anime noses is generally not difficult, and the more stylized the nose is, the easier it is to draw. You can play around with adding and removing details, as well as drawing them with various degrees of realism (as shown at the beginning of the tutorial), to see if you can find a style that you like.

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