Readers ask: How To Draw A Monster Truck Step By Step?

How to Draw a Monster Truck | Easy Drawing for Kids

Let’s try drawing a simple directed drawing of a cool monster truck today. First, we’ll draw the truck’s body, then some large tires with treads, and finally some details like shocks, lights, and an exhaust pipe. This cartoon monster truck directed drawing should be simple enough for anyone just getting started drawing.

Follow these directed drawing instructions to make a cartoon monster truck drawing easy to do:

Draw the body of a cartoon monster truck, then add tire treads, wheels, exhaust pipes, and smoke, as well as a windshield, lights, and fire decals. To “paint” on some fire, draw some lines and zigzags.

When did the megalodon monster truck come out?

This giant shark concept (fossil remains suggest a length of 59 feet/18 meters) was turned into a Monster Jam truck in 2016, and it made its competitive debut on January 7, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee.

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