Question: How To Draw Digital Art With A Tablet?


Making digital art doesn’t have to be expensive; you probably already have most of the tools you’ll need, and you’ll find the best way to get started with digital art at the end of this article. If you have trouble drawing, try these 12 digital drawing exercises.

How to get started with digital art – The hardware

There are four primary choices:

Graphic Tablet

A graphic tablet functions similarly to a mouse and must be connected to your PC or laptop; you can draw on the tablet’s surface with a special stylus (some models require charging, while others do not), and they are relatively inexpensive; you can get a decent graphic tablet for $50 to $100.

Graphic Display

Drawing directly on a screen feels more natural than drawing on a graphic tablet. The stylus requires charging (for some models). When drawing with the Wacom Cintiq Pro or Huion GT-191 CAMVAS, you may experience parallax/offset.

All in one Tablet

You don’t need a stylus to draw digital art on an all-in-one tablet; there are many drawing apps available, some of which are free! The Apple iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro, and Wacom Mobile Studio Pro are among the best tablets for drawing.

Getting a stylus

Before you buy a stylus, make sure it works with your tablet. The Wacom Bamboo Tip is compatible with some Android devices, but it doesn’t have pressure sensitivity. The Surface Pen and Apple Pencil 2 are both compatible with the iPad Pro 3rd generation.


If you have an iPhone, you can download the app Procreate Pocket, which is great for getting a feel for digital art. The downside is that your smartphone’s screen is likely to be small, so you’ll need a stylus to make drawing easier.

How to get started with digital art – The software

Digital painting software ranges in price from free to extremely expensive, and the software you choose is dependent on your hardware; not all devices are compatible with all apps or programs.

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Krita is a free open-source program that is a good alternative to Adobe Photoshop. You can download it here and find tutorials and resources to help you get started with your painting. It isn’t as powerful as Photoshop, but it has a lot of options.

Medibang Paint Pro

Mediabang Paint Pro is another free digital art program that is ideal for manga artists. It allows you to easily create comic panels, as well as manage comic pages and use the program’s snap guides to create perfect lines. It is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk Sketchbook is a free app and software package that works with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and has a nice, stripped-down interface so you won’t be distracted by all the tools. It’s available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, and it’s available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Paid software and apps

If you’re looking for a good digital art program, see if there’s a demo or trial version available. Some programs or apps are very low budget, while others are very expensive, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money in my opinion.

Procreate $9.99

You can get Procreate for your iPad or Procreate Pocket for only $9.99, and you’ll get all future updates as well. One of the best features of this app, in my opinion, is that it’s very beginner friendly.

Corel Painter ($360) and Corel Painter Essentials ($32)

Corel Painter Essentials is a stripped-down version that costs a fraction of the price of the full version and does an excellent job of simulating real paint and pencils.

Clip Studio Paint Pro ($60)

Clip Studio Paint Pro is a fantastic digital painting program for manga and comic artists, with thousands of customizable brushes and an AI-based coloring feature.

Can you do digital art on a tablet?

The Surface Pro and iPad Pro, for example, compete with other drawing tablets in two ways: you don’t need a computer; simply download an art app and start drawing with your fingertip or a stylus.

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How do you draw digital art for beginners?

Beginner Drawing Techniques – Digital Art

  1. Use a pressure-sensitive drawing tablet.
  2. Become familiar with the basic tools.
  3. Avoid using too many brushes/pencils/etc…
  4. Leverage layers.
  5. Don’t become too reliant on ctrl z.
  6. Warm up with simple exercises.
  7. Sketch a lot.
  8. Clean up your favorite sketches.

Which tablet is best for digital artists?

The iPad Pro is still a fantastic creative tool in 2020; for artists and illustrators looking for a portable drawing and painting device, it’s more than a match for the Microsoft Surface Pro or Wacom MobileStudio Pro (unless you prefer the 16-inch Wacom’s extra three inches of screen).

Can you make digital art without a tablet?

Drawing tablets are one of the more popular and intuitive tools for creating digital art, and for good reason: they are more intuitive, but digital art can also be created without one.

Do you need a tablet for digital art?

If you already have a tablet, all you need is a stylus to start creating digital art. Of course, you could draw with your finger, but that isn’t very comfortable or intuitive. Finally, the great thing about all-in-one tablets is that you can take them with you wherever you go.

What is the difference between a graphic tablet and a drawing tablet?

The most significant difference between these two is that one has a screen on which you can see your work as you work, while the other does not. Graphics tablets must be connected to a computer to be used, whereas drawing tablets can be used independently because the screen shows you what you’re drawing as you work.

Which drawing tablet is best for beginners?

Beginner’s Guide to the Best Drawing Tablets

  • Wacom PTH660 Intuos Pro.
  • Wacom CTL4100 Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet.
  • Huion Inspiroy H1060P Graphics Drawing Tablet.
  • GAOMON PD1161 11.6 Inch Tilt Support Drawing Pen Display.
  • XP-PEN Artist12 Drawing Tablet with Screen.
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Is a drawing tablet worth it?

A graphics tablet will most likely help you hide many of the mistakes you make when drawing by hand, and it may even fool you into thinking you’re improving. However, don’t buy a graphics tablet to help you draw better; you can only learn that outside of the tablet.

What is the most expensive piece of digital art?

Vignesh Sundaresan and Anand Venkateswaran realized they’d paid $69.3 million for a digital artwork stored in a JPEG file after only a few minutes, securing their place in art history.

What do digital artists use to draw?

With the universal appeal of digital illustration, an artist can now look at a blank canvas in a whole new light. Digital illustration is essentially the use of digital tools, such as a mouse or tablet, in combination with drawing software, such as Corel Painter, to create an illustration.

How can I get free digital art?

10 Best Free Websites for Making Digital Art

  1. GIPHY’s user-friendly interface will have users creating original GIFs in minutes.
  3. KRITA.
  4. Make Beliefs Comix.
  5. Pixilart.
  6. Sketchpad.
  7. Sumo Paint.

What drawing tablets do professional artists use?

Most Artists’ Favorite Drawing Tablets

  1. XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro. BEST OVERALL.
  2. GAOMON PD1560 Drawing Tablet. BEST MID-RANGE.
  3. Microsoft Surface Book 3. LAPTOP POWER.

Is iPad good for digital art?

An iPad is an excellent tool for any digital artist, especially when used in conjunction with the best drawing apps for iPad and Apple Pencil.

Can you draw on a Fire tablet?

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is a great choice if you want a tablet that can do a lot of things, including drawing, but if the 10 edition is too pricey for you, Amazon also makes smaller tablets in 8-inch and 7-inch sizes.

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