Question: How To Draw A Six Point Star?

How to Draw 6-sided Nautical Stars with Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial – How to Draw Step by Step Drawing Tutorials

Today, we’ll show you how to draw a 3-dimensional Star of David or 6-pointed star, also known as a nautical star. Follow the step-by-step instructions below and you’ll be able to draw it easily in the future.

Step 1

How do you draw a circle with a radius that goes around the center six times?

Step 2

This should be done with a ruler or a straight-edged object.

Step 3

Draw a 6-sided star or an upside-down triangle with the top two dots facing up and the bottom three dots facing down; if you don’t know how to draw a six-sided diamond, for example, draw a ‘Star of David’ or a ‘Six-sided Star.’

Step 4

Draw the outline of a star first, then a line from the top to the bottom, followed by two ‘x’ shaped diagonal lines and two ‘y’ shaped lines to the remaining corners of the star.

Step 5

By drawing a black line through the middle of each triangle, you can now add shadows to them, as shown in the image below.

Finished Drawing

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and were able to draw 6-sided Nautical Stars as a result of it.

What is a six pointed star?

The six-pointed star, also known as the Creator’s Star or Star of Creation, represents the six attributes of God: power, wisdom, majesty, love, mercy, and justice. The six-pointed star is the same as the Star of David, a symbol of Judaism in modern-day Israel.

Does the Star of David mean?

In the 19th century, Jews almost universally adopted the star as a striking and simple symbol of Judaism in imitation of the Christian cross, and the yellow badge that Jews were forced to wear in Nazi-occupied Europe invested the Star of David with a symbolism indicating martyrdom and heroism.

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Is the Star of Bethlehem the same as the Star of David?

The Star of David is a Jewish symbol of King David, and it is often associated with the miraculous appearance of the Star of Bethlehem.

What does a 7 point star mean?

The heptagram was first used in Christianity to represent the seven days of creation, and it has since become a popular symbol for warding off evil in some Christian denominations, including Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity, as well as Kabbalist Judaism.

What are the angles of a 5 point star?

A golden five pointed star is a star with equal length points and equal angles of 36 degrees at each point, which is a common symbol on flags and in religion.

What is the meaning of a 5 point star tattoo?

The nautical star also represented a traveler or sailor’s way home whenever they were lost in life or travel, and the five-pointed star of the US national flag and the distinctive color pattern of the compass rose found on many nautical charts.

What does a 5 pointed star symbolize?

A pentagram (also known as a pentalpha, pentangle, pentacle, or star pentagon) is a five-pointed star polygon that was used as a symbol in ancient Greece and Babylonia, and is still used as a symbol of faith by many Wiccans today, similar to how Christians use the cross.

What is a 8 pointed star called?

An octagram is an eight-sided star polygon in geometry. The name octagram combines the Greek numeral prefix octa- with the Greek suffix -gram, which comes from (gramm) meaning “line.”

What is a 9 point star called?

The nine-pointed star is also known as a Nonagram, Enneagram, or Star of Goliath, and it is also associated with the band Slipknot, who use the regular compound 9-pointed star figure as a symbol (see image on right).

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