Often asked: How To Draw The Statue Of Liberty?

Draw an Easy Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, which stands on Liberty Island in New York City, was originally a gift from the French people as a gesture of friendship. Made of copper sheets supported by an iron frame, the statue’s green color comes from the weather’s effect on the copper.


Time required: 1 hour to draw the Statue of Liberty with crayons and watercolors.

More Statue of Liberty Drawings

What are your impressions of the Statue of Liberty?

How is the Statue of Liberty a symbol of America?

The Statue of Liberty, a national monument of New Jersey and New York, is arguably America’s greatest symbol of freedom and opportunity, standing on Liberty Island in New York Harbor and commemorating the United States and France’s friendship that began during the American Revolution.

Is Sculpture an art?

The designs may be embodied in freestanding objects, reliefs on surfaces, or environments ranging from tableaux to contexts that envelop the spectator in sculpture, an artistic form in which hard or plastic materials are worked into three-dimensional art objects.

What is cast drawing?

Cast Drawing is the next step in learning classical art after practicing Bargue Drawings. It teaches you to see form in three dimensions and transfer it to a two-dimensional surface u2013 the drawing paper.

What is the study of statues called?

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia.

How do you draw a Golden Bridge?


  1. Start with two slight arches for the base.
  2. Draw two vertical posts as shown.
  3. Add horizontal lines, Xs, and a base.
  4. Draw two smaller vertical posts.
  5. Draw horizontal lines, Xs, and a base.
  6. Draw cable lines draped on top.
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How do you draw a bald eagle easy?


  1. Draw a branch.
  2. Begin the body.
  3. Draw the top of the head.
  4. Draw the bottom feathers.
  5. Add the beak.
  6. Finish the face, add wing lines.
  7. Finish the beak. Draw two claws.

What color was the Statue of Liberty originally?

Although the weathering process that turned the 1886 Statue of Liberty’s copper covering from brown to green was gradual, color images showed that the transformation was complete by 1920.

What is written on Statue of Liberty tablet?

She has stood guard over New York Harbor since 1886, a gift from the French people, and on her base is a tablet inscribed with words written by Emma Lazarus in 1883: Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Why is Lady Liberty a woman?

Personified social ideas and virtues were well-known in European imagery when Bartholdi drew his first designs for the Statue of Liberty around 1870. Ancient Greeks, for example, frequently sculpted statues of Nike, a winged woman who was the deified representation of Victory.

What is the meaning of Lady Liberty?

The Statue of Liberty, a universal symbol of freedom, stands in Upper New York Bay. Originally conceived as an emblem of friendship between the peoples of France and the United States, and a sign of their mutual desire for liberty, the Statue has evolved into much more over the years.

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