Often asked: How To Draw A Red Power Ranger?

How to Draw Red Power Ranger

This is the first lesson on our website on how to draw a Power Ranger, and it will be in the anime style, with all images drawn in the style of the characters from the popular show Power Rangers: Legacy of the Planet of the Apes.

Step 1

Draw the arms and legs using simple lines, starting with an oval for the head, then the spine, thorax, and pelvis.

Step 2

Using the circles and lines, sketch out the outline of the helmet. Sketch out the torso, tapering at the waist. Using the cylinders and circles, sketch out the arms and legs, including the shoulders, elbows, knees, and hands and feet.

Step 4

Draw the pectoral muscles, trapezoids, and abdominals, then erase any unnecessary lines from the torso to create a character outline for us to play with.

Step 5

Draw the muscles in the hands and forearms, then the gloves and sword, and then the arm muscles like the deltoids, biceps, triceps, and forearms.

Step 6

Draw the muscles of the legs, such as the quadriceps and calf muscles, then the knees and shoes, erasing all unnecessary lines and sketching out some folds at the end of this step.

Step 7

In this animated animation by Disney’s animatronic artist Takahiro Sakaguchi, we can see how a character would look if he or she was wearing a full body suit by using intersecting lines to draw rhombuses on the chest, gloves, and boots.

Step 8

Drawing tutorial on how to draw the Mighty Ranger, with shadows drawn in the manga and comics style. First draw out the outlines of the shadows, then paint them completely. Don’t forget to share this drawing tutorial and follow us on social media.

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How do you draw Power Rangers Samurai sword?


  1. Make guidelines with a light pencil to help visualize the sword’s length, bend, and handle.
  2. Make a rough sketch of the sword’s shape, handle, and guard (if any).
  3. Add finer details with a sharper tipped pencil or sketching tool.
  4. Draw the final outline over the sketch.

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