Often asked: How To Draw A Penguin For Kids?

Draw an Easy Penguin

When kindergartners and first-graders are learning to draw, keep the shapes simple, such as “draw an upside down U” or “make a large J.” One helpful tip: fold the paper twice to get the center guidelines shown with dashed lines.


Trace and color the penguin with crayons. Add ice around the penguin. Draw the water and the sun.

More Cute Animal Drawing Projects

How to Draw a Bear with a Scarf and a Bird with a Bird’s Eye View of the World are two examples of cute drawings.

How do you send a penguin Emoji?

How to Make a Facebook Penguin Emoticon

  1. (Less than sign above the comma)
  2. (Open bracket sign above the 9)
  3. (Quotation Mark”)
  4. and (Close Bracket above the 0)

What Colour are penguins?

All adult penguins are countershaded, with dark dorsal (back) and white ventral (underside) surfaces. When viewed from above, the dark dorsal side blends in with the dark ocean depths, while the light ventral side blends in with the lighter sea surface when viewed from below.

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