Often asked: How To Draw A Face With Colored Pencils?

Painting With Colored Pencils: Creating a Realistic Look

Creating a lifelike portrait in any medium is difficult, but one technique is to use colored pencils to achieve a result that looks as complex as a painting. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to draw a portrait with colored pencils using my own method.

Let’s get started painting with colored pencils!

Step 1: Create a basic sketch for your portrait; this step will determine the overall outcome of your painting, so take your time and carefully depict a close resemblance to the face you’re drawing; familiarizing yourself with its lines, curves, and shadows will certainly aid in achieving a closer likeness.

Paint the eyes

We can start laying down the first layers of color after drawing the basic outline of the face. Paint the top and bottom lashes with black and brown pencils, here I’m using medium flesh, Van Dyck brown, and burnt sienna.

Paint the skin

You’ve defined the main planes and colors of the face at this point, so the rest of the skin should be relatively easy to work with.

Paint the eyebrows

To add depth to the picture, I used yellow ocher pencils and Van Dycks brown paint to apply some of the darker hairs and shadows.

Paint the ears

We start by painting the main dark areas of the ear with a dark brown pencil, then picking up our shadow color and going over the darkest areas a second time to accentuate some of the shadows.

Paint the hair

Craftsy’s Radiant Portraits in Colored Pencil class will teach you how to draw portraits with colored pencil; for more information, go to Craftsy.com/Portraits/Radiant-Portraits.

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How do you draw realistic with colored pencils for beginners?

How to paint with colored pencils: Use these techniques to make your drawings look hyper-realistic.

  1. Work on an off-white piece of paper.
  2. Construct the outlines in a VERY LIGHT PENCIL!
  3. Place a thick base layer of white pencil.
  4. Use a scalpel for the fine details.
  5. Work from light to dark.

What color pencils make skin color?

In short, using a mixture of white, red, yellow, and brown will result in a variety of skin tones that will mix to make most tones out there. Blue is used for shadows, more whites and yellows are used for lighter tones, and more reds and browns are used for darker tones.

What color pencils does CJ Hendry?

CJ’s favorite colored pencil brand is Caran d’Ache.

What are the disadvantages of colored pencils?

Negative aspects:

  • When you start shading in colored pencil, it’s easy to make and spread dirt on paper, especially if you use dark colors.
  • It “eats” up your pencils because the sanded surface is textural.
  • Details.
  • Pretty pricey.

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