FAQ: How To Draw Hair On A Girl?

How to Draw Female Hair Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

People love to change their hair from curly to straight, short to long, as well as different styles such as bun, pony, braid, and so on. Each style of hair requires a different technique to draw and requires concentration while drawing.

How to Draw Female Hair

This hair drawing tutorial will also help you draw a full face because it is a part of the face and defines the look. In today’s tutorial, we will draw female straight and curly hair, which is easier than other facial parts and will be even easier if you follow this tutorial.

Draw Straight Hair 

Draw a head outline, as well as a haircut outline, as shown below. Draw a few long strands without touching ends, and then start drawing elevated hair to cover the gap in the scalp.

Steps 1u20138 u2013 Add some more finishing to the hair stand and shades to make it more realistic. Step 9 u2013 Fill in the rest of the head with fine lines that follow the strand and scalp line.

Draw Wavy Hair Step by Step

For each eye, draw the outline of a human face in the same pattern as the eyeball.

Step 1: Draw hair from the scalp that covers the face and apply it to the eyes, nose, and mouth in this step.

Step 4: As the wave passes over you, begin drawing wavy lines along the ocean’s sides.

Step 5: For a full head of hair, join the ends of wavy lines with similar lines to form hair locks and strands, or sections.

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Step 6: Add more strands with long hairs to give it volume; step 7: Make sure all the hairs are the same length; step 8: Tighten the ends; and step 9: Let it dry for 10 minutes.

Step 7: Draw curves on the top of the head to form hair strands alongside the scalp partition and fill in the gaps with hair in this step.

Step 8: Fill the strands with hair by drawing fine lines with light strokes, keeping the lines moving in the same direction for each strand.

Why is drawing hair so hard?

Hair is difficult to draw because what we see differs from what we know; you can’t just draw all the hairs as lines because that’s not what we see when we look at hair; instead, what we see must be simplified to lines and shades, which can be done in a variety of ways.

How do you make realistic sketches?

How to Make a More Realistic Drawing

  1. Know and prepare your art supplies.
  2. Start with a light initial sketch, concentrating on the largest shapes first.
  3. Remember, there are no visible lines in realism.
  4. Create gradual, smooth transitions between your different values.

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