FAQ: How To Draw A Window With Curtains?

How to Draw Curtains

Follow the steps below to learn how to draw curtains, which is a simple drawing that any beginner artist can do.

Step 3

Draw a line from the top to the bottom of each curtain in the shape of a penthouse window, then remove the remaining parts of the curtains and bondages.

Step 5

We look at how to draw curtains in this video, as well as the final step of removing all unnecessary guidelines from the curtains.

How do you draw curtains for kids?

How to Draw Curtains for Kids: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Draw a small circle on the top left and right ends, and draw vertical lines between the two horizontal lines.
  2. Draw the rest of the curtains and add details as shown above.

What is drawing window in CorelDRAW?

When you first open CorelDRAW, it displays an application window with a drawing window in the center, which contains the drawing page where you create your drawing. Although multiple drawing windows can be open at the same time, commands can only be applied to the active drawing window.

How do you draw glass?

1. Drawing Thick/Solid Glass

  1. With the HB pencil, draw a circle.
  2. Extend the vertical line and draw the sides of the bottleneck.
  3. Finish the shape of the “solid bottle” by adding a few perspective-defining ellipses.
  4. With the ruler, draw a checkerboard background.

Is drawing curtains opening or closing?

To close the curtains by pulling them together, or to open the curtains by pulling them apart, is to draw-the-curtains.

What does draw curtains mean?

1. Draw a curtain back or to one side to let in more light or to see what’s behind it; for example, I drew the curtains because the sun was so pleasant.

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