FAQ: How To Draw A Monkey – Youtube?

How do you draw a easy monkey?

Easy Monkey Drawing Tutorial with Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Draw an elipse shape (it doesn’t have to be perfect).
  2. Draw a m, or a heart or a number 3.
  3. Next, draw a round outline for the head.
  4. Draw two ears.
  5. Finally, draw facial details.
  6. Draw a round shape under the head for the body.
  7. And one inside the first one.

What is the Colour of monkey?

Some monkeys have blue faces, yellow cheeks, a red tail, and a white mustache, while others have orange feet. One monkey even has a blue face, yellow cheeks, a red tail, and a white mustache.

How do you draw a realistic monkey?

How to Make a More Realistic Drawing

  1. Know and prepare your art supplies.
  2. Start with a light initial sketch, concentrating on the largest shapes first.
  3. Remember, there are no visible lines in realism.
  4. Create gradual, smooth transitions between your different values.

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